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Author: Brian Harker Team Manager

Pittsburgh Steelers Defense Failed To Execute In Loss To Jaguars

The Pittsburgh Steelers expected to move on to the AFC Championship game. The media  proclaimed a Pittsburgh win all week, but unfortunately for the Steelers, the Jacksonville Jaguars never got the memo. Instead of cooperating with the expectations of others, the Jaguars defied them to advance to next week’s conference championship game. Why? Because the Steelers defense failed to execute their game plan. Leonard Fournette had his way on the ground, scoring three touchdowns, while Blake Bortles made play after play on third down. The Jags took an early 21-0 lead and never trailed, despite the Steelers furious attempts to get back...

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Let Ben Roethlisberger Call the Plays in the Postseason

When you have an offense full of weapons like the Pittsburgh Steelers do, the play calling has to take advantage of them. The game plan might focus on one of them more than the others, but they all must be involved. Each game plan must have balance and each play must set up the next. In short, the game plan must allow the offense to find it’s rhythm while using every weapon it has. There shouldn’t be any confusion over what’s coming next. Good offenses dictate the action, forcing defenses to react. Nobody feels the flow of the game,...

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Mike Tomlin On Legendary Pace After 11 Seasons

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the gold standard when it comes to selecting head coaches. They’ve had three since 1969, which is a testament to the patience of Art Rooney and Dan Rooney. These three, Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, and Mike Tomlin, are the most successful trio of coaches in NFL history. They have combined to win six Super Bowls and 458 regular season games. No other NFL franchise can boast more than one coach with 100 regular season wins. The Steelers are the only franchise to have three consecutive head coaches win 100 games, with multiple Super Bowl appearances. Noll built the dynasty,...

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