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Author: Brett Barnett

Pittsburgh Pirates Rivals Report – Bucs on the Right End of “Do or Die” Week

By: Brett Barnett | July 15, 2018 As we approach the All-Star Break, the Cubs have overtaken the Brewers, followed by the Cardinals; the Pittsburgh Pirates are winning more games than they lose in a week that Neal Huntington has arbitrarily painted as important. The Reds pull in with the five spot in the division. The National League has mostly held steady over the last month, but with Milwaukee’s slide recently, the door has opened for the Chicago; meanwhile, the other three teams remain a relatively substantial amount of games out of the top spot, even though there’s still...

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Make No Mistake, the Pittsburgh Pirates Are Sellers

By: Brett Barnett | July 11, 2018 At the beginning of the week, Pittsburgh Pirates’ General Manager Neal Huntington said the next stretch of games against the Brewers and the Nationals will go a long way towards deciding what kind of team the 2018 Pirates are. Make no mistake, the Pirates are sellers. The narrative of “Neal Huntington is mindless and clueless” is nothing new around Pirates’ Twitter. I don’t subscribe to this because the Front Office has shown good judgment in the past, which means there’s something there, but I do agree that this is not one of...

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Pittsburgh Pirates Rivals Report: Pirates Slide Even Further

By: Brett Barnett | July 8, 2018 There’s been moderate movement at the top of the National League Central. The Brewers still hold a small lead over the Cubs, while the Cardinals continue to slip further behind first place. Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Reds are about to swap places as the former continues to get obliterated in baseball games. Milwaukee Brewers Actual W/L: 53-35 Pythagorean W/L: 50-38 What’s going right The Brewers keep winning, and have won five straight and seven of their last 10. Over the last week, Milwaukee has had strong outings from its starting...

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Around the Pittsburgh Pirates Farm: Mason Martin

By: Brett Barnett | July 4, 2018 Because of the youth movement taking place in Pittsburgh, a lot has been made about the likes of Austin Meadows and Colin Moran, both of whom are mainstays now with the Pittsburgh Pirates. In the minor leagues, the same can be said for Mitch Keller, Cole Tucker, Kevin Newman, among others. A lot of those players have been written about ad nauseam, and for good reason; after all, they are on the doorstep to Pittsburgh. After some of the veterans move on after this season, like Jordy Mercer, David Freese, and Sean...

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Pittsburgh Pirates Rivals Report – Same Story, Different Week

By: Brett Barnett | July 1, 2018 In the week that was, the National League Central hasn’t been much different than it was for our last update. Perhaps the only real shock is how well the Reds have been playing. Other than that, it’s the Brewers on top, Cubs trailing in second, then the Cardinals, Pirates, and Reds round out the rest of the division. Milwaukee Brewers Actual W/L: 48-33 Pythagorean W/L: 47-34 What’s going right Over the last three weeks, the Brewers’ bullpen has been steady and strong away from Miller Park. They’ve thrown some of the fewest...

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