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Celtics: What, Me Worry?

The Celtics will play their final regular season game on Tuesday night when they take on the Washington Wizards. If you were to click on over to Sportsbook Review, you would see what the best online sportsbooks are dealing on that game, and every other, all on one page. Chief among them is Heritage Sports and at this moment Heritage’s oddsmakers have pegged the Green as 4 ½ point road underdogs due to the fact that Boston has locked up the fourth seed in the East and should be resting their key players. We know for certain that extra caution will be paid to Marcus Smart, who suffered a strained oblique, as well as Jayson Tatum who is dealing with a bruise to his shin courtesy of Sunday’s game against Orlando. The Celtics would go on to lose 116-108 to the Magic, but what’s more perplexing than Boston dropping three of four this season to a pedestrian squad like the Orlando, is Boston’s apparent insouciance to their own plight. This team is the C+ student with straight A potential looking directly at a big final exam coming up, without a care in the world. Kyrie Irving has said as much, repeatedly declaring that the Celtics will be ready for the playoffs when they start. It’s as if the postseason will suddenly morph this underachieving group into championship timber, and...

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The 4 Most Known Professional Sports Clubs in Boston, Massachusetts

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that almost all residents of Boston are mad about sports. Many outstanding teams of all US professional sports leagues are based in Boston. It is one of the greatest sports cities in the US, and the passion of its citizens for sports is overwhelming — it is manifested in its every nook and cranny. Bright billboards on huge stadiums are advertising sports events. In many shops, you can see a wide variety of sports equipment with emblems of local professional sports clubs and names of famous players. The most beloved sports in the US are baseball, ice hockey, basketball, and football (not soccer). Those four sports are presented by the four world-famous Boston sports clubs, and you can read about them in this article. Also, you can use a professional writer service to order a paper on this topic. BOSTON CELTICS Being the best NBA club, Boston Celtics is the most titled basketball team of Massachusetts that has eighteen (!) NBA championship titles. Its history began in 1948 when the Club had to survive in the first and most difficult years of the US National Basketball Association. From the very beginning, the Celtics have been dedicated to winning, so it’s not surprising that the team has been dominating in the Eastern States for almost all the years since the...

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Celtics Fooling Themselves

The Celtics will snap their four-game losing streak tonight in Cleveland because if they don’t, then their postseason won’t last much longer than a cup of coffee against Philadelphia (or Indiana) in the first round. The oddsmakers over at one of the best online sportsbooks in the industry, 5Dimes, is dealing Boston as a 5 ½ point road favorite over one of the worst teams in the league, and the same one that prevented them from advancing to the NBA Finals last season. Of course, that was then, and this is now, with LeBron taking his talents to LA while the Celtics are looking more and more like a group of guys out to get theirs, with little regard of the endgame which is winning a title. Are you getting a bit tuckered out of this all too predictable Celtics’ soap opera? This rollercoaster of a season has featured glimpses of greatness but far too often, months of malaise mired in mediocrity. Don’t ever get your hopes to high with this team because they will break your heart quicker than you can say, “Kyrie is leaving Boston.” And Kyrie will leave because he now realizes that his one wish, to dribble out of LeBron’s shadow and bask in the glow of a white-hot spotlight all his own, isn’t as easy as he once thought. In retrospect, he had a...

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Are Boston Bruins serious Stanley Cup contenders?

Photo by MatthewReid / CC BY-SA 2.0Caption: It was 2011 when the Boston Bruins last won the Stanley Cup The Boston Bruins have only missed the playoffs twice since 2008. They are always in the mix, and though they often have alot to give, they haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 2011. But this year could be different. And though the Bruin’s season hashad its ups and downs, you can be sure, but long spells of point streaks and impressive victories over the best teams in theNHL make them serious contenders for a playoff victory dance.Impressive Results in Late SeasonA rough start early in the season left it looking like the Bruins wouldn’t even make it to the playoffs this year. It all startedwith an initial defeat by the Washington Capitals, and it pretty much all went downhill from there.Constant injuries haven’t helped matters. Nearly every player on the team, bar David Krejčí who has played every game, hasbeen sidelined with an injury at some point. Still, the early season upsets were not the end for the Bruins, who mounted acomeback that has now led them close to the top of the table in the Atlantic Division.The Bruins didn’t lose a game between January 19th and March 10th, a point streak that lasted for a total of 19 games. Duringthis time, the Bruins wrecked the Tampa Bay Lightning, one...

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Can the Celtics Claim the East?

The Celtics got a taste of what it’s like to face a legitimate Western Conference power clicking on all cylinders when they bowed to the Denver Nuggets on Monday night. If you had clicked on over to Sportsbook Review prior to the game and check out a review, it would have told you why is one of the preeminent online sportsbooks in the industry, as well as letting you know that they had Boston favored by four points against one of the best in the West. It proved to be a glorious opportunity to bet with your mind and not with your heart as Denver not only covered the number but won the game outright by the score of 114-105. Once again, the Celtics build us up just to tear us down. Preceding that contest, the Green had won five of six, starting with an enormous blowout of the Golden State Warriors but then, just as quickly as they started this roll, it came to a screeching halt with a lackluster fourth-quarter effort where they were outscored by nine points, the precise margin of victory for Denver. Boston is now half a game behind Indiana for the fourth spot in the East and 2 ½ games behind the 76ers for the No. 3 seed. This column is being written prior to their tango in the City of...

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