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Author: @bossportsextra

Josh McDaniels Rumored in Head Coaching Circles…Again

Despite his protestations to the contrary, the rumor mill continues to swirl with possible destinations for the Patriots’ offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels at season’s end. As we all know, McDaniels ripped a chapter out of the Bill Belichick playbook last season when he accepted the Indy head coaching job but before the Colts’ brass had time to say, “Welcome to Indianapolis”, McDaniels had rescinded his acceptance and came back into the lovin’ arms of New England with a five-year deal intact. McDaniels has already had an unsuccessful run as a head coach in Denver but his uninterrupted success with the New England offense has given him street cred throughout the league and most teams would love to land him. All but the Indianapolis Colts that is, yet, McDaniels continues to insist his loyalty lies with the Patriots. Even the oddsmakers at the well reviewed online sportsbook  5Dimes have McDaniels as the favorite to replace the recently fired Mike McCarthy in Green Bay. Other online sportsbooks, all of which can be seen in one convenient location at Sportsbook Review, have a variety of destinations and accompanying odds for McDaniels next season. In the here and now, McDaniels is once again propped atop designing one of the most dangerous offenses in the NFL led by the greatest quarterback to ever hurl the leather, Tom Brady. In typical Patriot fashion, McDaniels is...

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Are the Patriots Good…or Just Good Enough?

The Patriots not only beat the Jets on their own turf but covered the number for all of you who like to make a wager or two on Belichick’s boys. Speaking of which, if you’re in search of a terrific online sportsbook, make sure to check out the Bovada review over at Sportsbook Review. They are the leaders in the sports betting industry for a reason with exemplary customer service, timely payouts, and plenty of wagering opportunities including props, in-action betting, and futures. But getting back to the Pats, it was a solid win, one that took them to 8-3 on the season and put a stranglehold on the AFC East title – again. It all sounds like lollipops and sunshine but are you feelin’ it? I mean, do they look like the steamrollers of the past? The homer in me wants to say yes, but my eyes don’t lie and there’s something missing. Maybe those OTA’s that Brady missed months ago really are as important as he had ceaselessly preached in the past. Jackals like Max “Cliff” Kellerman, who have been attempting to vulture Brady’s carcass for several years, has himself turned into a punchline, hence the nickname Cliff – as in Brady’s about to fall off a cliff in performance. But it seems to me that although Father Time may not have caught up to Brady, he...

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Patriots & Gronk Headed for Divorce

There is a universal truth in professional sports; the player and the team always end up divorced. The rare exception holds when that athlete plays his entire career with one team, knows when the treads are completely off his tires, and voluntarily hangs us his cleats, sneakers, or skates with a heartfelt thank you to the fans at a designated tribute celebration the following season. Tom Brady will most likely end his career as one of the few who bow out gracefully and forever be ensconced in the Mount Olympus of New England sports along with Bobby Orr, Ted Williams, and Bill Russell. Yet, framing it as New England sports is deceiving because it implies the quartet had no peers amongst those who played most, if not all, of their careers in Boston when, in fact, their greatness in their respective sports knows no such geographical bounds. However, this is not Tom Brady’s professional funeral pyre but rather the first shovel of dirt on the grave of Rob Gronkowski’s tenure as a New England Patriot and perhaps his football career. The end is nigh for Gronk, and for several reasons. First and foremost, his injuries continue to mount but unlike in years past, Gronk is no longer able to bounce back and perform at an elite level. He is slower this season and less explosive. When he is absent...

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