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Author: @bosox_4150

Red Sox Play Their First Grapefruit League Game

Red Sox Baseball Is Finally Back There hasn’t been too much to talk about for the last few months in terms of the Red Sox. After a long offseason, the moment we’ve been waiting for has finally come. The Red Sox kicked off Spring training with their first official game today against the Twins. Baseball is back, folks. One player who highlighted today’s game was Hector Velasquez, who pitched two scoreless innings. He is definitely a good option for depth either out of the bullpen or the rotation. Building from last year he has shown that he can produce a few quality innings, which is huge. You can never have enough pitching in this game. A few of the regulars were in the lineup today. Mookie, Xander, Hanley, and Vasquez all went hitless. Bogaerts was the only one to get on base. Xander Bogaerts had a walk in two plate appearances. Blake Swihart had a double and a walk to add on to his hot spring so far. Sam Travis hit a RBI double in the 8th to drive in the legend Tzu Wei Lin, who walked in the AB before. Almost everybody who pitched after Velasquez minor leaguers who we most likely will not see this year. The guys who we will indeed see and the ones fighting for their jobs will start to get their work in. The Red Sox won...

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J.D. Martinez Is Shipping up to Boston, Thank Dave Dombrowski

J.D. Martinez Now Plays for Boston This offseason has been tedious and uneventful. As far as being a Red Sox fan goes, this offseason has just been about waiting to see any rumors for J.D. Martinez. Him and Scott Boras have been trying all offseason to get as much cash as they can. The Red Sox were always the favorites to land J.D., but there were rumors of him potentially going back to Arizona. But the wait is now over. Dombrowski and Boras were able to come to an agreement. J.D. Martinez is now on the Red Sox. The deal is for five years and $110 million with an opt out after the second year. I absolutely love it. It’s not the $210 million Boras was asking for at the start of the offseason. This is a huge move for the Red Sox. This is the bat they’ve needed ever since the moment Ortiz retired. That’s why the offense hasn’t been as strong as they were in 2016. Lots of the players having down years didn’t help either. That’s another reason why this deal is great. Getting J.D. Martinez to be in the center of a lineup of guys who are due for a bounce-back year is exciting. The Red Sox are slated to make another deep postseason run. With this huge addition to the team, one can only assume...

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Steven Wright Speaks Publicly About Domestic Assault Arrest

Steven Wright Speaks In case you either forgot or didn’t know, Steven Wright got arrested for domestic assault back in December. It was probably the most significant thing to happen this offseason for the Red Sox. It wasn’t your usual domestic assault though. Wright’s lawyer says he apparently never touched his wife during an argument they had. What I had heard from before is he knocked a door down with probably prompted the call. Wright told reporters today the same thing: about how it was a verbal argument and no physical assault was involved. “It’s tough because I really want to at least tell my side of the story. Because when it comes out you obviously think of the worst, but it wasn’t that bad. Especially on a personal level especially because I never touched her, that’s probably the hardest thing for me to like sit there and see people like talk about being a wife beater and all that stuff when I didn’t even make physical contact. But that’s pretty much all I’m allowed to really say right now” MLB still can suspend Wright even though he hasn’t yet been charged guilty. Back in 2015, Aroldis Chapman had a similar charge and was never charged guilty. However still was suspended for the first 30 games of the season. As far as Wright possibly getting suspended goes, it’s not...

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Red Sox vs Yankees: How They Match Up

So as you probably know by now, Giancarlo Stanton is on the New York Yankees, the team that was one game short of the World Series last year. A team that already had a great lineup and is now even better. So what does that mean for the Red Sox in 2018? Lineup Let’s start with the lineup. Yankees have the edge here. But here’s the thing: although Boston did win 93 games last year, the offense still lacked some firepower. Lots of guys had down years and others were injured. Mitch Moreland was still effective last year even with his toe injury. He was still able to hit 22 homers and drive in about 80. Pedroia had a good but injury plagued year. He’s another hitter that if he can stay healthy, not only will he hit well but he will play well defensively at second, just like Moreland will at first. After having a runner-up MVP season in 2016, Mookie had a setback and had a lower average, less power. He’s due for a better 2018 hitting-wise. JBJ also had a down year after a breakthrough year in 2016. The problem with Bradley is he is a very streaky hitter, so I think Tim Hyers, the new hitting coach will be able to work with him on that. Xander Bogaerts is another guy who I expect to have a...

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Scott Boras Denies Reports That JD Martinez Is “Fed up”

The Martinez Enigma This whole JD Martinez situation all offseason has been annoying. It’s been weird, maddening, and downright boring. It’s been a lot of things. And another story has been added onto this seemingly never ending run for the power bat the Red Sox are looking for. Ken Rosenthal wrote a column that JD Martinez is telling people in Miami that he is willing to hold out until he gets the price he wants, which was first reported by FanRag Sports’s Jon Heyman. He is also telling people that he is “fed up with the Red Sox inflexibility and would rather sign with another club”. Scott Boras then came out and said those reports are false and that Martinez is “pleased” with the process. He also said that he has other offers and they are still negotiating. I’m going with Rosenthal on this one. He doesn’t just come up with random BS to get people to read his articles. JD probably told some folks he’s upset about whats going on and word got out to Rosenthal. Apparently the only other offer JD Martinez also has is a one year offer from Arizona. But apparently he’s upset with Boston? This makes no sense. I also find it ridiculous that he and Boras are willing to hold out as long as possible to get the deal they want. Let me...

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Dave Dombrowski Is Done Playing Scott Boras’s Game

Dombrowski vs. Boras J.D. Martinez has been the #1 topic of the offseason for Dave Dombrowski and the Red Sox. Are we or are we not getting him? Is he going to a whole other team? What kind of contract will he get? Those are some of the questions that we have been continuously asking ourselves as we inch closer to Spring Training. Scott Boras recently said that he and Martinez are willing to hold off until Spring Training to get a deal done. They are trying to get the seven years with at least $25 million for each year. Dombrowski’s apparently not having it. MLB insider Jon Heyman recently reported that Dombrowski won’t go over his $25 million per year for five seasons offer, and is basically saying take it or leave it. I absolutely love this. Don’t get me wrong, J.D. Martinez is one hell of a player. He hit 45 homers last year, 29 of them coming from after he got traded to Arizona at the deadline. And this is just home runs we’re talking about. He’s had a slugging percentage over .500 for the last four years. Martinez has also improved from a .535 slugging in both 2015 and 2016 to .690 in 2017. He’s had an on base over .350 three of the last four years. Also he had an OPS of .912 in...

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The Red Sox Can’t Afford to Mess up Their Relationship with Mookie Betts

Arbitration Recently it was reported that Mookie Betts and the Red Sox weren’t able to agree on an arbitration deal. Right away I thought, oh boy. Mookie wanted $10.5 million and the Red Sox were willing to pay him $7.5 million. Consequently a hearing took place, and that’s never good news. I thought it was all unnecessary and that the Red Sox should have just gave him the money. He’s clearly the best hitter and all around player on your team. Having a dispute with him and his agent this early is never good news. Mookie won the arbitration case and will get his $10.5 million for 2018, which is the most ever awarded to a first year arbitration eligible player through a hearing. So what does this mean going forward? It means that the Red Sox front office is headed towards what they’ve done in the past. They are trying to underrate or underpay players that clearly deserves more. Because when you do that, it never usually ends well. A more recent example of this happening is with Jon Lester. The Sox offered him a four year, $70 million contract and later offered a six year, $135 million offer. However, it wasn’t enough and the Cubs got him on a six year $155 million offer. Stats Don’t Lie Talk about any player on the Red Sox you want, Jackie...

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