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Author: @bosox_4150

The Red Sox’ Biggest Threat in the Postseason

As the Red Sox keep rolling on to the postseason, as good as they are there are always a few teams that can be a real threat come October. You might want to talk about the New York Yankees, of course. Maybe Cleveland with their great rotation and MVP candidates in Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindor. You also have the defending champs. But in this case there is one team that is particularly scary. A team I’m not so sure many saw them as a threat back in spring training. That team is the Oakland A’s.  This is a team that has one of the lowest payrolls in baseball and are giving the defending champion Houston Astros a run for their money. The Astros have Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, and Charlie Morton leading their rotation. A former MVP in Jose Altuve, and electric players like George Springer and Carlos Corra lead the offense. Yet, they aren’t even the scariest team in their own division.  Now I just want to make it clear that I actually had faith in the A’s when nobody else did. All the way back in January. the Oakland Athletics are definitely one of my picks for a sleeper team in 2018 — Isaac (@BoSox_4150) January 30, 2018 Let’s start with the offense. The Oakland offense has been overlooked all year, until now. Khris Davis, who has an...

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A New Role for Nathan Eovaldi in the Postseason

One of the genius moves Dave Dombrowski made at the trade deadline was to acquire more starter pitching depth. And that he did. Nathan Eovaldi has been an overall very solid addition to this Red Sox pitching staff. At the time he was traded to Boston, he had a 4.26 ERA. He was just recently coming off of an ugly start against the Minnesota Twins, giving up eight earned runs and nine hits in only 2.2 innings. Not very good. And who was his first scheduled start for the Red Sox against? Those very same Minnesota Twins.  Sweet Payback Except this time he was going to be on the Fenway Park mound. So what would Eovaldi do his first time back up against the Twins? Throw seven shutout innings giving up only four hits while striking out five. His next start would be against the Yankees, once again at Fenway. He would throw eight shutout innings this time, giving up only three hits and striking out eight. After a rough start in Baltimore, he would get it back on track against the Phillies on Wednesday night. Eolavdi hurled five solid innings, giving up one earned run on seven hits, while striking out five. He would get his ERA down to 3.62 on the year.  Postseason Rotation Now here’s the thing about Nathan Eovaldi. He’s a solid starter no doubt,...

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Can Chris Sale Become the Legend Pedro Martinez Was in Boston?

Pedro Martinez built an amazing legacy in Boston. He was just coming off of a surreal 1997 season for the Expos when Boston traded for him. He posted a 1.90 ERA in 241.1 innings with 305 strikeouts. Pedro would only continue that sheer dominance in a Red Sox uniform. He would follow up that amazing 97 season with a 2.89 ERA along with 251 strikeouts in 233.1 innings. His ERA would dip the next year to 2.07. It fell more the year after to 1.74 to accompany his 313 strikeouts, both career highs. Did you think that’s it? He followed that up with a 2.39 in an injury-plagued 2001 season, a 2.26 in 2002, and a 2.22 in 2003. It feels insane even typing all of this. Pedro would then have his worst season in Boston, a 3.90 ERA. It was the year he won the World Series, and unfortunately his last year in Boston.  Boston adored Pedro during his seven-year tenure. He absolutely loved playing here along with the fans who couldn’t get enough of him. This man was the Luke Skywalker of Massachusetts. He was our hero. It got to the point where his pitching was almost unfair. Every day Pedro pitched was like a holiday. The offense knew they had the clear advantage. Pedro will never forget Boston, and the fans will never forget him. He is...

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Why JD Martinez could end up being the GREATEST Red Sox free agent acquisition

Many Red Sox fans were afraid to sign JD Martinez. They were afraid he would just take his money, and not take his job seriously. They were afraid he was going to end up like Carl Crawford or Pablo Sandoval and leave the same bad taste in their mouths that they did. Dave Dombrowski would go ahead and sign JD, and it would possibly be one of the greatest decisions he’s ever made in his life. And Dombrowski has made lots of decisions.  Photo Credit: Boston Herald As the days, the weeks, and the months go on, JD Martinez has continued to impress. He has hit over 30 homers on the year, and it’s only August. With an OPS over .1000, he has shown that he can not only just hit for power, but he can get on base as well. He can hit the ball to all fields, and he can hit for power. He can do everything. Reminding you of anyone else? David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez come to mind. Now, let’s dig in a little more as to how much this man means to this team.  When David Ortiz signed with the Red Sox, the expectations weren’t very high. In fact, people didn’t really know what to expect. He had just been released by Minnesota, and a big reason he was coming in the first place was...

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Pearce Keeps on Raking, Dombrowski Keeps on Smiling

As the MLB season progresses, there is something that is gaining more clarity every single day: always have trust in Dave Dombrowski. This man is a freaking genius. As far as this year goes, he’s made some incredible moves. The funniest thing is that Red Sox fans scratched their heads when told about these trades. Nobody expected the Red Sox to trade for Steve Pearce. It came out of nowhere. The reason Dombrowski made the call was because Pearce is a first baseman/outfielder. Andrew Benintendi has struggled mightily against lefties up to this point. Mitch Moreland is also someone who isn’t the greatest against left-handed pitchers. So in came Steve Pearce.  Steve Pearce, Yankee Slayer Pearce was never rumored with Boston, another reason why the trade was interesting. But again, have trust in Dave. That man knows best. Since coming to Boston, he has hit .333 with an OPS of .921. The job for him was to hit against lefties, but this man can also mash against righties too. He’s also very reliable on defense over at first along with Moreland. Pearce has been absolutely everything Dombrowski traded for and more.  Anyone know of the New York Yankees? That team that’s in the division race with the Red Sox? Well yeah, Steve Pearce went out and hit three homers against them last night. Not a typo. They all went...

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New Look Red Sox Primed For Playoff Success

The MLB trade deadline finally came to a close, but not before many moves were made. Sellers like the Orioles, Marlins, and Rays all cleaned house. Buyers such as the Dodgers, Braves, and Diamondbacks also made some key moves. As far as the Red Sox go, I’m here to explain what exactly they did and didn’t do, and what this means going forward. WHAT THEY DID The first trade for Steve Pearce was a great one. In Boston so far, he’s hit .333 with a .921 OPS. He touts a very reliable bat and can hit anybody, especially lefties. The Nathan Eovaldi move was another good one. It provided needed depth for the rotation. Eovaldi is no ace, but certainly someone with good stuff who can give you a reliable outing quite often. He has high velocity and good movement on his pitches. This only adds to an overall solid rotation.  With Pedroia likely out for the whole year with his nagging injury, second base was a big hole for this team. Dombrowski cleaned that up by acquiring Ian Kinsler from the Angels. This move gives Cora more flexibility as far as how he wants the lineup and the infield to look every night. He can work with guys like Devers, Nunez, Holt, and of course Kinsler. He’ll be able to swap and platoon guys on a nightly basis....

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Red Sox Never Had A Shot At Zach Britton

Zach Britton was a name rumored among many teams within the last few weeks. Britton  had arguably the greatest season ever by a reliever just a couple years ago. Its no secret why a team in the pennant race would want to snatch this guy. The race for Britton came between three teams: Houston, New York, and Boston.  Recently, I wrote that the Red Sox wouldn’t have enough for Britton. They were in play for him, no doubt, as this is a team that certainly needs help in its bullpen. Dombrowski knew he had too little pieces to trade to Baltimore in order to get a guy like Britton. Unless they give up the only good prospects left for a rental, no deal can be done.  BRITTON TRADED So no deal was done, as Britton was traded to the Yankees. As the info released on who the Yankees gave up, it became more of a realization the Red Sox never had a chance. Three years ago, Dombrowski traded four solid prospects to San Diego for Craig Kimbrel. Dombrowski had to give up a lot in that trade because he was getting three years of Kimbrel in return. In this case with Britton, you can’t really do that with a rental. The Yankees did. They didn’t necessarily give up exactly what Boston was willing to give up. But they came...

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