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Author: @BigAl2793

I’m Not Concerned About Chris Sale

We all know that the Boston Red Sox have not been relatively close to their 2018 form. You could blame a lot of the Red Sox mediocre season on a number of different factors. Some would say it’s the continuous aggravation of the bullpen underachieving. Others might point to the fact that guys like Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez aren’t having the same years in 2019 as they did in 2018. But what a lot of people quickly forget about is Ace Chris Sale. Sale has not been himself this year and we all can see it. Coming into today, Chris Sale is 3-9 with an alarmingly high 4.27 ERA. Sale has been very accountable this season, taking the heat for every bad start that he has had so far this season. But with all of that being said, here are a few reasons why I’m not concerned with Chris Sale. He’s Always Been A Strikeout Pitcher There is no sugarcoating this fact. Chris Sale has been a strikeout pitcher since the first year he started for the Chicago White Sox. While his wins might be down on the year, his strikeout production surely has not decreased in the slightest. In 19 games this season, (prior to his start today against the Toronto Blue Jays) Sale has 160 strikeouts on the season. If you do the math on that...

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What You Need To Know About Andrew Cashner

The Red Sox are sending out newly acquired right-handed pitcher Andrew Cashner to the mound tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays. The deal came at a time where the Red Sox were in need of a change in their pitching staff. He is 32 years old and comes with a wealth of experience. But, what else should you know about the new Red Sox right-handed pitcher? Let’s take a look at a few key factors that you should consider when you think about Andrew Cashner. He’s Never Been On A Winning Team Andrew Cashner has spent his entire MLB career without being on a winning team. He spent the first two seasons of his career with the Chicago Cubs in 2010 and 2011. The Cubs in those seasons had 75 and 71 wins, respectively. He then went to the San Diego Padres for the next four and half seasons before being traded to the Miami Marlins. He spent 2017 with the Rangers, and then his last season and a half was spent with the Baltimore Orioles. Whether it was just bad luck or a bad organization, Cashner has never found himself in a position where he was contending for a playoff spot. Is that his fault? Not at all! He’s Having A Good Season So Far In 2019 It is hard to come by wins if you are a...

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An Ode To Brock Holt

With this Red Sox team the stars are pretty obvious. On the offensive side, you have Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez, Xander Bogaerts as well as others that have excelled. On the defensive side, there are guys like Jackie Bradley Jr. and Andrew Benintendi making amazing catches left and right. For the pitching staff, you have Chris Sale and David Price leading the way. But one guy that gets forgotten about more often than not is Brock Holt. Just in case you were one of the Red Sox fans that forgot about Holt too, here are a few reasons to love the utility man. His On Field Ability It’s not like Brock Holt is one of the worst baseball players we’ve ever seen. In fact, he is pretty good. Remember, Holt was the only member of the 2015 Red Sox team to make the All-Star team. During the Red Sox World Series run last season he was a big part it. In the regular season he hit .277 with seven home runs ,along with 46 RBI’s. Remember the game three rout of the Yankees in the ALDS at Yankee Stadium last season? Yeah, Holt hit for the cycle that game. The batting averages in the ALCS and World Series might not have been great for Brock. But it seemed like when the Red Sox needed a big at bat from...

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Why To Be Optimistic About The Red Sox In The Second Half

The Boston Red Sox are about to embark on the second half of their 2019 season. They currently sit at 49-41, two and a half games back of the Rays, and nine back of the Yankees. A lot of people, including myself, were not overly enthusiastic about the first half of the season. But the second half kicks off officially on Friday when the Red Sox host the Dodgers. Keep in mind, this is a rematch of last year’s World Series match-up. Here are some reasons to be optimistic about the second half of the season. Rafael Devers First things first, can we acknowledge what a season Rafael Devers has had? Now, can we all agree that he should have been in the All-Star Game? We all can agree? Okay good, moving on! Rafael Devers had one of the best first halves on the Red Sox by far. He is currently hitting for a .324 average ,along with 16 home runs and 62 RBI’s. If that doesn’t impress you, he also has 69 runs scored, along with a .923 OPS. Devers has been a man on a mission in the first half of the season. Now he just needs to keep up his hot hitting in the second half to give the Red Sox a chance of contending. David Price David. Price. Is. GOOD. Let’s end any debate of...

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Rafael Devers And Why He Should Be An All-Star

The first half of the MLB season is officially history and the All-Star teams have been selected. For the Red Sox, J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts have been selected onto the American League All-Star roster as reserves at D.H. and outfield, respectively. But what about Rafael Devers? Why isn’t he on the All-Star team? Well, I am about to defend why Devers should have been on the All-Star team. His Average Most of the time, you hear about Hall of Fame hitters having an average right around .300. Well, Devers is certainly exceeding Hall of Fame numbers. He is currently hitting .329 with the Red Sox in the first half of the 2019 season. That is good for second in the American League, behind the Yankees D.J. LeMahieu. Isn’t D.J. LeMahieu in the All-Star game? Last time I checked, yes indeed he is! Bottom line is that if you are hitting above .300 at the Major League level, you should be finding a way to get that player to the All-Star game. Oh and just for what it’s worth, Devers went 4-5 again last night against the Toronto Blue Jays. His RBI Count Not only is Rafael Devers hitting for average, but he is also knocking in runs left and right. It seems like whenever Devers is up, he has runners on base and they’re finding their way home....

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Takeaways From The Red Sox-Yankees London Series

The Boston Red Sox took on the New York Yankees in a two game series played in London. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, they came away losing both games in the series, 17-13 and 12-8 respectively. The end result is obviously not what we wanted as Red Sox fans. But, there were some interesting tidbits picked up along the way. Let’s look at a few takeaways from the Red Sox and Yankees London Series. Rafael Devers Continues To Hit Well Rafael Devers continues to prove to everyone that he is for real at the plate. Devers is hitting .322 at the plate with 12 homeruns and 50 RBI’s so far this season. His hot bat continued in the London series. In the first game, Devers went 2-4 with an RBI and a run scored. In the second game, he went 1-5. Granted, the second game isn’t what we are used to seeing this season. But, everyone has an off game. The overall point is that Devers continues to swing the bat well. In a season where the Red Sox have stayed inconsistent, Devers has been a very consistent lineup piece. Xander Bogaerts Continues To Prove He Should Have Been An All-Star What more does the MLB have to see to finally put Xander Bogaerts on the American League All-Star team? This is still baffling to me personally. Bogaerts went...

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Red Sox-White Sox Series Recap

Another series has come and gone for the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox played the Chicago White Sox in a three game series at Fenway Park before taking off to London to play the Yankees. Boston came away with a two out of three series win over the A.L. Central White Sox. Here is a recap of the whole series. Monday Night: Red Sox 6 White Sox 5 The Red Sox found a way to win on Monday night. They survived game one of the series with a 6-5 win over the White Sox. Marco Hernandez was the hero as he hit an infield single to shortstop to drive home the game winning run. Eduardo Nunez and Andrew Benintendi led the way offensively for the Red Sox as they had two hits a piece. On the pitching side, Eduardo Rodriguez got the start and pitched adequately. He finished the night throwing 6 and 1/3 innings while giving up six hits, five earned runs, two walks, and four strikeouts. The impressive part of this game was the bullpen. The bullpen combined to give up 0 earned runs while giving up two hits, two walks, and had six strikeouts in 2 and 2/3 innings. Credit to the Red Sox bullpen for getting the Red Sox the opening win of the series! Tuesday Night: Red Sox 6 White Sox 3 In...

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This Upcoming White Sox Series Is Huge For The Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are coming off of a rather disappointing series with the Toronto Blue Jays. They lost two out of three at home and continue to underachieve so far this 2019 season. But fear not Red Sox fans, there is still plenty of time left to get back into the divisional race! The Red Sox welcome the Chicago White Sox to Fenway Park for a three game series, starting today. But, what people do not realize is that this series is huge for the Red Sox for multiple reasons. They Are Under .500 At Home Right Now You read that correctly. The Red Sox currently sit under .500 at home, with an 18-19 record at Fenway Park. The obvious reason for this series being crucial is to get the Red Sox back to .500 or better at home. Red Sox fans know with this team that they play much better at home, historically. With the green monster at their disposal, they can use it for more extra base hits which will lead to more runs, which then leads to more wins. What a concept! But on a serious note, the Red Sox could use a sweep of the White Sox to get themselves back on track when they play at home. They Have Most Of Their Top Starters For This Series The Red Sox starters favor the...

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