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Brad Stevens Named Coach of the Month

Brad Stevens has been named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month. According the, “The fifth-year Celtics coach guided his squad to a league-best 19-4 record during the first month and a half of the 2017-18 season, despite dealing with a plethora of unexpected obstacles”. Some notes: Brad and the team overcame the Gordon Hayward injury (so far). They added 10 new players during the offseason. The team’s margin of Victory is 7 point per game ( The team’s opponents points per game is first in the league ( Brad and the Celtics produced a 16 game win streak. To top it all off, Wednesday (11/29) was the first time that the Celtics made it into their Waltham practices facility in over a month ( That makes this accomplishment even more impressive. Brad coached through film, during games, on buses, on visitor practices courts – but without dedicated time at home. In my opinion, that makes his revisions and iterations even more unique. Congratulations, Brad and the Celtics. Share this: View the original article on Celtics Extra: Brad Stevens Named Coach of the...

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Would the Celtics Be Better with Gordon Hayward?

Just over two months ago expectations for the Celtics’ were sky-high. A hugely productive off-season that brought Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward to Boston also brought massive expectations. The Garden was loud on opening night. But just a few minutes into the game, Gordon Hayward came crashing down and so did the Celtics. We were done. There goes our pick. We lost the game. Our team is lost. For Celtics fans, that was a dark day. But now, the Celtics boast a league leading 19 wins with only 4 losses. So that begs the question: would the Celtics be better than with Gordon Hayward on the court? Jayson Tatum is the primary beneficiary of Hayward’s vacated minutes. According to, he is playing 30 minutes a game, averaging 13.74 PPG, 5.26RPG and 1.48APG. Among a great rookie class, Tatum is keeping pace and making a bid for rookie of the year. That said, Hayward is still a better player. Last year he played 35 minutes again averaging 21.9 PPG, 5.4RPG and 3.5APG. That was with the turtle paced Utah Jazz. Sure, there would be an adjustment period with the Celtics, and Tatum shows ton of promise. However I’d still pick Hayward scoring and facilitation. Embed from Getty Images The Numbers Don’t Lie This year, the Celtics are only 19th in the league in scoring, but are #4 in margin of victory....

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