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Author: @ALykins32

The Jules of Edelman Returns

October 1st, 2018. I had that date circled on my calendar when the news broke in the beginning of the New England Patriots training camp. Amidst the playdates, doctors appointment and other assorted events I wanted to be aware when Julian Edelman returns. The Sorrow My 3 year old son and I received matching JE11 jerseys this past Christmas. I recently finished Jule’s biography – Relentless – and felt I got to know the person on a more personal level. His suspension caught me off guard and upset me. Following the initial disappointment came the acceptance. Edelman would return and help lead the wide receivers and the Patriots to victory. Besides, the Patriots had a very well-stocked pass catcher cupboard, right? The Anger The first four weeks of the season were much more difficult than imaginable. The wide receivers were decimated by injuries and ineffectiveness. Prior to Sunday’s victory there were very real questions about the team and if they had lost whatever magic fueled the Patriot way. What can the 32 year old, former seventh round quarterback from Kent State (in case you hadn’t heard that) contribute to the team? When we last saw the fiery, spark plug, he was making insane catches and crushing Falcon fan’s dreams. Where does he fit in the offense and what can we expect? Experience The wide receiver room has a desperate...

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How hyped should we be about Josh Gordon?

When a six foot, three-inch wide receiver that weighs 225 pounds can run a 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds, that’s special. Definitely lives up to the moniker of “Flash”! Josh Gordon has always been a freak in the measurables department. He has always produced on the field, and he has always been suspect about making good decisions. What are the chances that the New England Patriots get Flash Gordon of 2013? Will he keep his nose clean and buried in the playbook? He has to. This is his final NFL chance. If he screws up here, he is pretty much done. Not only will his suspension be exponentially worse than a first time offender, but not working out with the all-business Patriots would signal the rest of the league. The Numbers What does the talented wide receiver bring to the table? How about 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns? In 14 games? 18.9 yards per reception? These are literally video game numbers! No, not video game numbers, you have to have a cheat code in order to produce like that. Everyone likes to point out that it was ages ago! Did you see who he was playing with? Old Willis McGahee was pounding the rock in a geriatric way. Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden striking fear in the heart of defenses. Greg Little, Travis Benjamin, and Davone Bess were providing...

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Should Quarterbacks Start Early? A Writers’ Debate.

The most pressing debate of our time reared its head when Baker Mayfield stepped onto the field in relief of the injured Tyrod Taylor. Mayfield led the Cleveland Browns to their first victory in 635 days! The clamor to start him from Day One began when he was selected with the first overall selection in the draft. John Vogel maintains that a select few rookie quarterbacks should start early and Andy Lykins maintained that there is much to be gained from allowing a rookie sometime before throwing him into the NFL fire. Below is our debate presented in the finest philosophical format you’ll find anywhere. Question 1: What’s the single biggest reason either for against starting a rookie quarterback early? Andy Lykins: For me, the biggest reason is that their development could be stunted by being forced to play in a bad situation for a majority of a season with an unusual off-season. Taking a rookie quarterback high in the draft prevents the prospect from enjoying a full year worth of development. College Bowl games, and combine exercise preparation result in a truncated off-season. Their grasp of the playbook, while certainly impressive for the conditions is not that of an NFL veteran with multiple years experience in the system. They may have a memorization of a certain segment of plays and can be expected to learn more as the...

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Matty P the Magician?

“I think we’re talking about something that’s pretty common to when you have to face an opponent, there’s going to be things there that you’re very familiar with” The Patriots New Nemesis Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia was quoted as saying this in response to several Jets players “knew what plays were coming”. However, this also applies to the upcoming Sunday Night matchup with his former employer, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. Even with beginning his career as head coach 0-2, he still possesses an undeniable advantage. Patricia has been a benefactor of seeing Tom Brady every day in practice for 14 seasons. The last six was in his capacity as defensive coordinator and crafting the plays and philosophy charged with stopping him. In case you haven’t heard, #12 is pretty good. So, will Matty P enjoy success and give his new team in the Motor City a puncher’s chance to win? All depends on his defense. Having the bend, but don’t break schooling drill into him can have its advantages. With him manning the controls, the former aeronautical engineering can apply every complex algorithm that he can muster. He will have to. A Team with Nothing to Lose The Lions are entering crisis mode. Injuries to two of the most talented players on the defense will limit their impact. Darius Slay (concussion) and Ezekiel Ansah...

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