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Author: Adam Sefton

Should The Oakland Raiders Panic?

The Raiders are 2-2, having lost two in a row to teams they arguably expected to beat. The conspiracy theorists and hot-takers are out in force. So, let’s ask some serious questions – should the Oakland Raiders panic? Should The Oakland Raiders Panic In a word: no. There are numerous perceived problems, some of which do have some merit, some of which are just nonsense. Let’s break them down one-by-one. The Offensive Line Didn’t Play Hard for Derek Carr You’ve heard this one by now – the offensive line, offended that Derek Carr didn’t kneel with the team during...

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New Orleans Saints Dominate Miami Dolphins in London

View the original article on Last Word On Pro Football: New Orleans Saints Dominate Miami Dolphins in London Sloppy and ill-disciplined, the Miami Dolphins got exactly what they deserved against the New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium. Playing against a team with little to offer offensively, the Saints handed the Dolphins a 20-0 shutout loss. It was notable in the pre-game warm-up. Drew Brees on the one hand – all fist-bumps and snappy passes and meaning business. Cutler on the other hand – helmet off, lackadaisical. What was Jay Cutler doing while Brees gave this speech to his team during...

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Record International Series Attendance Sees Redemption of Blake Bortles

A crowd of almost 85,000 people packed into Wembley Stadium, setting a record attendance for the NFL International Series games. They saw probably the most one-sided contest ever played at Wembley, with the Jacksonville Jaguars beating the Baltimore Ravens 44-7. They also saw Blake Bortles reach some kind of redemption, throwing for 244 yards and four touchdowns. His throwing motion might always be cause for concern, but today, Bortles proved that he’s capable of leading an offense. Jacksonville ran hard and ran early. Most first down plays were runs. This opened up the play action pass, which Bortles used...

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