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Who Has the Nicest Ball Handling Skills in the NBA

September 25th, 2013 at 12:54 AM
By Gordon Robinson

We have again taken a poll on who is the best ball handler in the business and the readers have replied. Here are the results and as always, if you have a comment or disagree feel free to let us know.

The four that just missed the cut include:

  • Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
  • Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
  • John Wall Washington Wizards
  • Jeff Teague Atlanta Hawks
  • Rajon Rondo Boston Celtics

10. James Harden Houston Rockets- Not only can Harden score but he can handle the ball like a point guard. His handles allow him to get loose to get his shot off and occasionally put a defender on skates.

9. Deron Williams Brooklyn Nets- D-Will can make the best defender look like a fool. This year he should average about 13 assist with the team that he has around him.

8. Steve Nash Los Angeles Lakers- Nash is getting up in age but he still has great ball control. He can pass and change gears at the drop of a dime.

7. Tyreke Evans New Orleans Pelicans- Tyreke's handles are so nice that he used to play the point, but his size and necessity allowed the Kings to move him around.

6. Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls- Rose would have been higher on the list but we are still on a wait and see mind frame. He has reportedly gotten stronger, handles have gotten better and his jumper is supposed to have improved.

5. Jamal Crawford Los Angeles Clippers- How can you not like a man's game whose nickname is J-Crossover. His handles get him open so that he can get off one of the sweetest jumpers in the game.

4. Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs- Tony Parker gets overlooked by many people when it comes to "Who's the best" lists. He made the NBA Finals his stage to show that his game is second to none.

3. Brandon Jennings Detroit Pistons- You would be hard to find anyone that can stay in front of Jennings. His numbers should go up as "Lob City Mid West" is about to go down.

2. Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers- Chris Paul is the most complete point guard there is in the league. From his shooting, to his passing and leadership there is no other point guard that we would rather have. On top of that he can get anywhere on the court when ever he wants to.

1. Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers- Kyrie has the best handles in the NBA and this season he may begin to show that he also has a complete enough game to be considered one of the best point guard in the league as well.


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