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A Look at the Atlanta Hawks’ Three Young Players

July 21st, 2013 at 1:30 AM
By Gordon Robinson

After watching the NBA Summer League action out in Las Vegas where the Atlanta Hawks participated, a lot of questions were answered in regards to the young talent that was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks. So here is the rundown on whether Hawks' GM Danny Ferry has brought in some duds or if his vision may actually bring a championship to Atlanta.

First is the young point guard Dennis Schroder.   Watching him in summer league action did not make skeptics believe him to be a Rondo clone, but those same skeptics were impressed by his swagger on the court. He appears to be a natural leader and is not afraid to direct the team. He is quick; he can definitely handle the ball (even if he has some turnover issues); and he can find the open team mates in position to make a shot. Schroder can pressure the ball with his quickness on defense and he is long enough to disrupt passing lanes and aggravate a high dribbler. He should be a good guard to play behind Jeff Teague and push him to get better while eventually taking the starting role for himself. 

The second guy to talk about is Lucas Nogueira. Lucas is quick, tall and long. The only knock on Nogueira is his weight and strength. In the summer league games he blocked a lot of shots and changed many more. It was frustrating to watch him get boxed and pushed out of the paint on some rebounds and defensive possessions. Lucas recently spoke on the issue of if he should stay in Atlanta or return to Spain to improve his game and he was quoted as saying that he can not improve his body in Spain. That should be enough for Ferry to keep him in an Atlanta jersey, allow him to develop and get stronger while playing in the NBA.

Finally, we come to Mike Muscala. Muscala is a guy who is going to be a solid player around the basket on both the offensive and defensive end of the floor. More than likely he will be a back up for his entire career. If all things go well, he should be able to sneak in some minutes this season as another guy off the bench with Elton Brand backing up Al Horford and Paul Millsap.

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