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Can Atlanta Hawks Draft Picks Lead to a Championship?

July 2nd, 2013 at 1:02 AM
By Gordon Robinson

Now that the dust has settled on the NBA Draft and Atlanta has picked some guys that fans are not quite familiar with, it leaves us to ask one question, "Can the players drafted lead the Hawks to a ring?" The answer to that question is not an easy one but we will have to give a shot. Instead of giving you a standard answer of "maybe", we will jokingly say "yes and no". 

The Hawks picked up Locas Nogueira and Dennis Schroeder in the first round. Schroeder is a point guard from Germany, according to Hawks GM Danny Ferry he has raised some eyebrows amongst some NBA execs and has a bright future. Nogueira is a seven footer who is from Brazil, is athletic and could be the next best shot blocker to lace them up. What we don't know about either guy is IF they will lace them up next season in Atlanta. Both guys are young and may very well continue to tighten their skills where they are and this does not ease the minds of fans in Atlanta. Both players could develop into a one-two tandem that builds the foundation of a championship team or we could possibly never see either one of them in the league.

 Atlanta also picked up Mike Muscala, who is a power forward out of Bucknell and he as described as a scoring forward with nice jump shot. He can be a piece that adds depth behind Al Horford and a guy that we talk about being crucial to the team. He could also be just another guy on the list of Hawks' picks that never panned out. 

It appears that Danny Ferry set out to start a foundation for the Hawks; he looked for guys that play the way he and Coach Budenholzer are looking to play and this could be the start of something special. It is important to start with a foundation when building a house because you look stupid with a roof just sitting on a plot of land. This offseason may not land us the big time franchise player, but maybe it will help get the ball rolling for a future free agent to notice and want to be the star on top of the Atlanta's tree. 

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