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NBA Commissioner David Stern is Set to Retire in 2014

October 26th, 2012 at 5:04 PM
By Gordon Robinson

'50968127JP_D019275093' photo (c) 2011, Danny Bollinger - license: NBA commissioner David Stern has decided to retire from his position and has set his final date to be February 1, 2014. That date will mark his 30th year at the position, as he started on February 1, 1984. He is set to be replaced by Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver and NBA owners are hoping to have a contract in place with him by April.

Under Stern's watchful eye the NBA has grown to be a global powerhouse. Stern has added several franchises and has had a hand in policies ranging from a salary cap to a dress code for players. He has added to the fold the NBA Developmental League, the WNBA and even played a part in setting an age limit for incoming players. He has been the NBA's longest serving commissioner and the league has seen a significant increase in revenues. Union executive director Billy Hunter stated about David Stern's legacy, "Deservedly, his name and reputation will always be synonymous with the phenomenal growth and success of the NBA over the last three decades."

David Stern, 70, stated that he made the decision to step down about six months ago. He wanted to make sure that the league would be in good hands after going through a lock out last season. Adam Silver has been under Stern's tutelage since 2006 and he has the respect of the league's owners. Silver was the lead negotiator during the lockout and has been relied upon heavily in these past few years. David Stern has stated that he will remain as an advisor to the league on international matters.


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