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Atlanta Falcons Hire Scott Pioli to Become Assistant General Manager

January 22nd, 2014 at 5:32 PM
By Graham Waldrop

Scott Pioli has had his share of incredibly high times and low times working in an NFL front office, and now he has entered into another low one by becoming the Falcons Assistant General Manager as of today.

Although by convincing Pioli to become the Assistant GM, the Falcons have added what could be an incredible asset to turn around this organization.

Pioli has an outstanding resume, particularly at the beginning of his career, when he was chief in orchestrating the New England Patriots' run of dominance in the early to mid 2000s in which they won four AFC Championships and three Super Bowls.  Pioli has not fared as well after serving as the GM for the Kansas City Chiefs after leaving the Patriots in 2008, but there's no denying his addition to this Falcons organization could turn out to be a valuable one.

Piolli has likely been brought into help out his former pupil, Thomas Dimitroff, with player scouting.  Pioli has had a keen eye for talent over his career and has made impact moves for the various teams he has served under over the years, including being part of the group that drafted Ray Lewis in Baltimore, to being the man responsible for trading for and discovering arguably the league's best slot receiver in Wes Welker during his days in New England.

The Falcons have had a busy offseason thus far by bringing in consummate tough guys Mike Tice to coach the offensive line and Bryan Cox to coach the defensive line.  Now they add Pioli to the front office to improve player scouting.  This has been an area where Dimitroff has struggled mightily both in the draft and in free agency during his career in Atlanta.

Things are getting interesting in Flowery Branch, and Falcons fans should be excited for Pioli's arrival to the team.


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