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Atlanta Falcons Hire Bryan Cox to Be Defensive Line Coach

January 11th, 2014 at 4:24 PM
By Graham Waldrop

Two hires in the same week.  The Falcons are not messing around here, folks.  They have acknowledged their weak points (the trenches) and are addressing them immediately.  After hiring Mike Tice to man the offensive line unit, the Falcons have now hired veteran D-line coach Bryan Cox to head the defensive line unit.  

Cox comes from rival Tampa Bay, whose defensive lineman posted 18 combined sacks (nine from one player), two and half less than the Falcons D-line, who posted 20.5 sacks this year.  

Cox has been a defensive line coach for a number of teams including the Jets, Dolphins, Bucs and Browns.  He also played linebacker for 12 seasons in the NFL over the course of his career.  

While Cox has been on a number of teams, he's never been around teams with a ton of collective talent on the D-line when he's been the coach.  He'll be facing a similar situation here with the Falcons inconsistent defensive line.

Whether or not he can turn this unit around is yet to be seen, but with the Falcons aiming to improve their offensive and defensive line this year, Cox may have some new pieces to work with.



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