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NFL Draft Conundrum- Which Pick Will the Atlanta Falcons Claim?

December 23rd, 2013 at 12:57 AM
By Graham Waldrop

After a wild day in the NFL, the Falcons are currently the sixth worst team when it comes to head to head records.  This of course means that if the season ended today, the Falcons would claim the sixth overall pick in the NFL draft entering the offseason.

But the season doesn't end today, and there's still a lot to figure out.  

If the Falcons lose tomorrow, they will be in a five way tie for the third overall pick.  If they pull off a miracle and win, the Falcons will jump up all the way to number eight.  The Falcons win over the Redskins last week, while nice, looms quite large now in the team's overall draft position.  The Redskins now sit comfortably, nestled amongst the top of the best of the worst at 3-12, and the second overall pick.  

Had the Falcons lost last week, they would be in that position.  Not that we want the Falcons to lose, but at the same time, this team needs top tier draft picks that can come in and make an impact immediately.  There's no better way to ensure that happens than losing.  

Regardless of how the Falcons finish, they should net a top 10 pick.  But there's a big difference between top 10 and top 5, and even top 3.  The Falcons top target is likely to be Texas A&M standout Jake Matthews, who is widely regarded to be the best offensive lineman in the draft.  If the Falcons fall past a top 3 pick, they will more than likely miss out on someone that could instantly improve the part of the team that has struggled the most.

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