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Atlanta Falcons Injury Report: Weatherspoon and DeCoud Expected to Play This Week

December 17th, 2013 at 1:28 PM
By Graham Waldrop

Last weekend's action against the Washington Redskins saw Sean Weatherspoon tweak his knee, causing him to miss the rest of the second half.  It also saw the absence of Safety Thomas DeCoud, who missed the entire game after suffering a concussion against Green Bay in last week's action.  

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But the news is good on both of these players, and they are expected to return to practice this week.

"He'll be ready to go at some point in time this week", Smith said on behalf of Weatherspoon.  The Falcons' coach took a more cautionary approach on the subject of DeCoud due to the head injury.

"Thomas will be participating in practice on Wednesday, but it will be non contact.  We're anticipating that we'll have Thomas back barring any setbacks."

Stephen Nicholas replaced Weatherspoon after his injury and turned in a good performance.  Last year's starter, now backup had six total tackles, and two tackles for loss while filling in for the Falcons' signal caller.  If there is any issue in Weatherspoon's recovery, expect Nicholas to take his place at OLB.

DeCoud, who has struggled mightily this year in pass coverage, was replaced by seventh round pick Zeke Motta.  Motta found himself out of position on many plays on Sunday, including a deep bomb from Kirk Cousins in which he trailed the receiver by a good 10-15 yards.  He was also very late to the ball carrier on running plays, a team wide trend that allowed the Redskins to rush for 4.9 yards per play.  

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