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Atlanta Falcons Called Former C Todd McClure About Coming Back Earlier in Season, Why Didn’t He Return?

November 22nd, 2013 at 12:18 PM
By Graham Waldrop

One of the biggest losses in terms of personnel from last season, was Falcons legendary center Todd McClure.  The 14 year veteran retired in the offseason, but it was unknown as to whether it was McClure's decision to retire or if the Falcons forced him into retirement against his will to shed their payroll a bit.

Earlier in the season, however, McClure confirmed during an interview with 680 The Fan's show, "The Front Row" that the Falcons did call him to see if he'd come back out of retirement to lead a leaderless and struggling offensive line.

"I got a call from the pro personnel guy, just calling to see what I was weighing, and if I'd be interested to come back, and never heard back from him after that.  It was about a two minute phone call, and then never heard back."

When asked about whether or not he would have been interested, McClure sounded like he was more than ready.

"I told him I was ready.  I started getting everything- my house and my kids, everything set up.  My wife was going to stay here with the kids, and I was going to come up, and I never heard back.  It was disappointing because I was ready. I felt like I could help the team, and they just never pulled the trigger."

So according to McClure, it is the Falcons fault as to why he never returned.  The Falcons have never publicly spoken on this matter, but if McClure was ready to come back, then why didn't the Falcons bring him back, especially after asking him?  It's unlikely that one player could have turned everything around for this struggling offensive line, but McClure would have definitely added a lot of talent and leadership that no one on this offensive line currently possesses.  

Without McClure, the Falcons haven't had anyone at center to rely on.  Peter Konz took over the position this year, but has struggled mightily at center or wherever he's played this year. Konz was drafted specifically to one day be McClure's replacement, but hasn't helped his stock with a very disappointing season.  Whether it be run blocking, or pass protection, Konz has struggled from making the transition from right guard last year to center this year.

It's far too late for a move to be made now, but it makes you wonder how this would have helped the Falcons this year, had McClure come back.  

Would you have liked Todd McClure to return?  Would that have helped out the struggling O-line?  Let us know in the comments section.  

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