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Jason Snelling Arrested on Marijuana and Numerous Other Charges

November 16th, 2013 at 1:39 PM
By Graham Waldrop

The shovel pass to Jason Snelling in the red zone for a touchdown could become a thing of the past.

Early Friday morning, Snelling, the Falcons third string running back, was arrested in Barrow county for marijuana possession.  

It was, according to the police report, less than an ounce, but there's much more to his arrest than marijuana.  According to the Barrow journal, Snelling was cited with various traffic violations, and not having proper insurance or a proper license to drive a vehicle.  

The Falcons have no further comment other than acknowledging that Snelling's arrest occurred.  

Snelling has 291 all purpose yards with three touchdowns this year for the Falcons.  As of today, he is still incarcerated in Barrow county where he was arrested, meaning that there's virtually no chance of him playing tomorrow against Tampa Bay.

The bizarre and depressing season continues.  

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