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Lamar Holmes Admits He’s Out of Shape, Jeremy Trueblood Takes Over Right Tackle Starting Job

October 2nd, 2013 at 7:37 PM
By Graham Waldrop

The Lamar Holmes experiment is over.

It was announced via the team's depth chart, that Jeremy Trueblood will be your starting Right Tackle from here on out.  

Trueblood has done an admirable job at RT and has done a much better job than the clearly overwhelmed and overmatched Holmes, who admitted recently that in so many words, he isn't up to the task, even if that wasn't his intention.  Via ESPN's Vaughn McClure:

"I need to get in a little bit better shape."


"Sometimes, I just get a little winded," he said. "I use so much energy at times, I just need the wind. … I have never played like this before. This is really my first action. You're really seeing how much energy you're actually using out there on the field.

"I know I need to pick it up and get in better shape so I can play hard all four quarters."


While it's true that this is Lamar Holmes' first real action in the NFL, it's absurd to even fathom how an NFL organization lets its starting right tackle fail to be in game shape heading into season when he had all of mini camp, training camp and the preseason to be fit to perform on the field.  He also had plenty of people to turn to such as the team's physicians, trainers, and nutritionists.  

Whether it be Holmes not doing his part or the Falcons not doing their part, or both, this is even more frustrating news to here amidst all the injuries and poor play this season.

But the Falcons have at least taken action in putting the best player on the roster who plays Right Tackle number one on the depth chart in Jeremy Trueblood.

Holmes may play on Monday Night against the New York Jets due to the fact that Sam Baker may not be ready to go for that game.  If that happens, Holmes will play LT, which he also did in Miami.






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