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Roster Update and Final Predictions of the Atlanta Falcons 53-Man Roster- (Part 4): Linebackers, Secondary

August 31st, 2013 at 10:37 AM
By Graham Waldrop

With the final 53-man roster due today, here is our final take on predicting the Falcons 53-man roster.

As we mentioned yesterday, LBs Brian Banks and Pat Schiller were cut yesterday.  Shortly after it was announced that LG Theo Goins, DT Nick Hyunh, S Charles Mitchell, OT Alec Savoie, CB Peyton Thompson, and RB Ronnie Wingo, CB Terrence Johnson, K Jeremy Shelly and DT Micanor Regis were all cut yesterday narrowing the roster down to 62 players.

'Falcons linebackers' photo (c) 2013, Thomson20192 - license:


Who Is On The Roster:

Joplo Bartu, Sean Weatherspoon, Akeem Dent, Robert James, Stephen Nicholas, Paul Worrilow

Who Will Be Cut: None

All of these players have either been starters or have had good enough preseasons to prove themselves to the coaching staff.  Bartu and Worrilow are undrafted free agents who have had outstanding preseasons, and should be contributors to special teams and will be solid backups.  

James has had a solid preseason as well, but if anyone from the linebacker corps. is cut today, it will be him.  He hasn't stood out nearly as much as Bartu and Worrilow, and Weatherspoon, Dent and Nicholas were all starters last season.  He will likely stay on as the sixth linebacker however.


Who is on the Roster: Desmond Trufant, Robert Alford, Asante Samuel, William Moore, Thomas DeCoud, Robert McClain, Jordan Mabin, Dominique Franks, Shan Shillenger, Zeke Motta, Ishmael Kemal, 

Who Will Be Cut: Zeke Motta, Jordan Mabin

With the surprising cut of Safety Charles Mitchell, it would appear that Ishmael Kemal is the next man up for Free Safety behind Thomas DeCoud.  

Jordan Mabin will probably be cut as Dominique Franks can adequately fill in at the third RCB or LCB, and has a lot more experience than Mabin.

So there are our final predictions for the Falcons 53-man roster.  We will know by 6:00 PM EST today on who the final 53 will be.

Note: The only long snapper on the roster is Josh Harris.  Therefore, he will definitely make the roster unless the Falcons have some other plan.





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