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Atlanta Falcons’ Sean Weatherspoon is Back at Practice After Nursing Dislocated Finger

August 13th, 2013 at 3:44 PM
By Graham Waldrop

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Sean Weatherspoon has officially returned to the practice field!  After suffering a dislocated finger during the scrimmage against the Cincinnati Bengals on August 5th, the stalwart linebacker has been held out of all football related activities since then.

Weatherspoon, like WR Julio Jones, is limited in practice this week, but it's great to see the Falcons signal caller on defense back on the field preparing for the season.  Coach Mike Smith says that Weatherspoon will take it easy, and will not see any playing time until the August 29th preseason game against the Tennessee Titans.

The Falcons will be in Baltimore to take on the Ravens Thursday night.  In his place, expect to see a lot of Paul Worrilow, Pat Schiller and Robert James.

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3 Responses to “Atlanta Falcons’ Sean Weatherspoon is Back at Practice After Nursing Dislocated Finger”

  1.  BigBlueDanBoo says:

    Luckily his injury was minor in the bigger scheme of things. The Ravens game could be rough, so it is good that he will not be playing. This will give those standing in for him a chance to prove themselves as well!

    •  godawgs says:

      It is likely that injuries are going to happen every time you step on the field. Mike is playing it right to hold him out. This part of the warm up, it is not right to risk more injuries to key players.

  2.  BigBlueBee says:

    Weatherspoon should be rested and raring to go by the end of the month! I imagine those standing in for him see this as an opportunity to shine also. In a way, injuries can make the overall team stronger as those who aren’t usually in the limelight are given a chance.

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