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B.J. Upton Gets Second Day Off While Attempting to Fix Swing

May 28th, 2013 at 10:27 PM
By Cody Fields

There's no use pulling any punches. B.J. Upton has been awful as a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Upton's absence from the lineup for the second straight day on Tuesday was meant to help him fix his horrifically flawed swing, which is an enormous work in progress. Braves hitting coach Greg Walker said that while Upton's front foot has been the most popular issue to talk about, it's far from the only one.

“He’s had three (swing problems) all year,” Walker said on “He’s back of center. Has bad posture, uphill posture. And he’s late getting his heel down. And we felt like all along that he’s been overloading, and he’s been stuck back of center.”

Those problems have led to Upton hitting .148 this season, the worst in the Major Leagues this year. He's already struck out 60 times in just 46 games.

Part of the reason he's gotten stuck in such a huge hole is that Walker didn't want to overhaul someone's swing as soon as he joined a new team. That ended up being problematic, obviously, because Upton has gotten into an enormous number of bad habits with far too much movement.

“So to get to center, to swing the bat and get his heel on the ground, he has to slide,” Walker said. “He has to slide two or three clicks. And by then he’s late, and a lot of times he doesn’t ever get there, so he gets beat this way. It’s easy to see.”

Upton has so far hit .148 with four homers and eight RBIs in 155 at-bats. His batting average with runners in scoring position is also the worst in the big leagues at .067 (2-for-30).


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