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Brian McCann’s Shoulder Rehabilitation is Progressing Well

February 17th, 2013 at 7:35 PM
By Cody Fields

Brian McCann still probably won't play until mid-April, but Atlanta Braves orthopedic surgeon Dr. Xavier Duralde gave him a good report on his surgically repaired right shoulder Saturday, reports.

McCann had been restricted to hitting off a tee recently, but he was finally cleared to hit soft toss on his long road to recovery.

"They said everything is on schedule and that everything looks good," McCann said. "The strength looks good."

McCann is also having to rebuild his throwing strength. He stretched his distance to 90 feet earlier this week. He completed one set of 15 throws on Tuesday and two sets of 15 on Thursday. He then built on that by throwing two sets of 25 on Saturday.

"Each day, I'm pushing it a little bit more," McCann said. "When I can throw a ball as hard as I can and wake up and not be sore, that will probably be my sign that I'm ready to play in a game."

McCann is looking to rebound after a career worst season in which he hit .230 with 20 homers.


photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc

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