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Atlanta Braves Clubhouse Takes More Reserved Tone

February 16th, 2013 at 7:44 PM
By Cody Fields

It's not secret that the 2013 Atlanta Braves have a lot of new faces, so the clubhouse culture has naturally shifted, Dave O'Brien reports, to a much more reserved tone.

With the retirement of Chipper Jones, trade of Martin Prado and departure of Peter Moylan, Eric Hinske and David Ross via free agency, the Braves lost some of their most boisterous players. O'Brien notes that while newcomers B.J. Upton and Justin Upton have been friendly, Tim Hudson knew even before arriving at Spring Training how much different the atmosphere would be.

“Pretty much every big personality is gone elsewhere,” Hudson said. “I’m not saying the new guys aren’t cool; you don’t know yet. They’ve got to be comfortable. They’re not going to bust in here and be like, ‘What’s up b****es, I’m here!’ You’re not going to do that.

 “I knew as soon as I saw [who was leaving], it was going to be like, you can hear a pin drop in here. It’s not going to be as loose.”

We at Braves 101 are sure the Upton brothers were informed that clubhouse cancers aren't well tolerated in Atlanta. One can quickly point to the trade of Yunel Escobar and the Braves moving on from Melky Cabrera as recent examples. Cabrera's example was simply verified last July, when he did a number of things when the San Francisco Giants to anger the Braves and their fans.

"That's Melky, and that's why he is not here anymore," Chipper said at the time.

It's also worth considering that Hudson, the longest tenured Brave in his ninth season with the team, didn't say anything negative about the clubhouse environment.

Look for the Braves to quickly congeal in their own way, even if it's not quite as big of a personality as years past.


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