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Former Atlanta Brave Otis Nixon Accused of Halfway House Scam

February 12th, 2013 at 3:47 PM
By Cody Fields

A little less than 14 years after his career ended, it looks like Otis Nixon is stealing things other than bases. In a heartbreaking story for Atlanta Braves fans, Fox 5 Atlanta has uncovered a prison and parole scam Nixon is running.

Fox 5 reporter Randy Travis investigated claims by victims stating that Nixon had scammed them out of amounts of money up to $1,000 by promising them the early release of imprisoned family members. Citing an alleged friendship with Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal or members of the parole board, Nixon said he could arrange for the incarcerated family members to stay at a halfway home Nixon runs.

The first problem is that the state of Georgia has removed his home from the list of state registered halfway houses. He also had to pay a $1,090 fine for illegally running an unregistered halfway home two years ago.

The second is that after telling the families that he only has two beds left, nothing ever seems to happen, and the families get no refund.

After Nixon tested positive for cocaine use in Sept. 1991 and missed the Braves' playoff run, he rehabbed his personal life and reputation fairly quickly. He eventually converted to Christianity and set up On-Track Ministries, the backdrop for the alleged scam.

With this information, Travis went undercover claiming to have family in prison, and the results were ugly. Watch video of the investigation here.

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