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Atlanta Braves Cross Delmon Young Off List of Left Field Candidates

December 30th, 2012 at 9:41 PM
By Cody Fields

The Atlanta Braves won't be making any moves for free agent outfielder Delmon Young, and it seems his off-field troubles are why.

Young hit .267 with 18 homers with the American League champion Detroit Tigers last season, but Dave O'Brien tweets that there's "a reason(s)" the Braves won't pursue him to fill left field in 2013.

That reason is likely Young's general temperament. His first issues in the minors popped up 2005 when he was suspended three games for bumping an umpire. He was suspended for 50 games in 2006 for throwing a bat an umpire. He was then suspended for seven days by Major League Baseball last season when he was arrested for aggravated harassment in New York City.

Combine that with his poor clubhouse reputation, and then combine that with his sub-par defense, and the Braves are wise to immediately look elsewhere.

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