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Domincan Police Arrest Three Suspects in Killing of Pascual Perez

November 4th, 2012 at 6:50 PM
By Cody Fields

Domincan Republic police have arrested three men in connection with the murder of former Atlanta Braves pitcher Pascual Perez, reports. They are also seeking two other men.

One suspect confessed that he and four other men conspired to rob Perez's home, says criminal investigations director Maximo Baez.

Contrary to reports of Perez dying of stab wounds to the neck or a gun shot, police now say his ex-wife discovered him Thursday at his home in San Gregorio de Nigua, just southwest of Santo Domingo, with severe blunt force head wounds. Police say those wounds were the result of being struck repeatedly with a hammer.

The suspect said they were after the 55-year-old Perez's $2,400 monthly pension check. Another suspect sold Perez's cell phone for $6.25, and another has been identified as a street-level drug dealer.

Perez pitched for the Braves from 1982-85 and compiled 29 of his 67 career wins between 1983-84.

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