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D-backs 1 , Padres 4 – Are you kidding me

April 20th, 2017 at 10:50 PM
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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With a chance to salvage a .500 road-trip was squandered with the Arizona Diamondbacks failing to put runs on the board the final two games against a pitiful San Diego Padres squad. I mean, this is an MLB team batting .235/.299/.390 with what is best described as a AAA roster. But no, our early season darling can only score one run against Jhoulys Chacin and Clayton freakin Richard, with both seeing time in the minors.

Let’s start with the good I guess. Every starter bar Patrick Corbin had a hit! Sure, they may have struck out 14 times but they got their hacks in. Corbin was good and qualified for what old people call a “quality start”, going 6 innings and striking out 8 while allowing 3 runs. He made some nice pitches at times and while his defense surely didn’t help him out there at times, he looked like the Corbin of old, pitching efficiently and with purpose. 77 pitches over 6 innings is fine every day of the week.

Now the bad. Well there were the 14 strikeouts I mentioned earlier with many coming with runners on base. Let’s see, Goldy led the way with 3, with Yasmany, Lamb and Ahmed each contributing 2 to the cause. The offense stranded 14 runners on the evening, all but ensuring a loss. Lamb just completely whiffed on a grounder to lead off the 5th, somehow escaping without an error. That started the damage for the Padres, who followed with a single and bloop double to score two, all but clinching the game …

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