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Arizona Diamondbacks Reason for Under 500 Struggles

June 14th, 2014 at 2:15 PM
By Earl Burnett

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have shown much improvement sense the start of the regular season where they were once 9-22, sense then the team has climbed the stat chart with excellent improved play in two major categories. The question is why hasn't the improvement translate into more wins.

The D-bakcs are current Major League leaders in batting in the month of June hitting .286 as a team, a great stat, but the percentage has not translated into wining streaks longer than three games all season thus far, and they are struggling continuing to be more than 10 games under 500.

So the problem is looming elsewhere and one would suggest current pitching, but that has also gotten better as the D-backs in the month of May were in the top 10, tied for 9th in the majors. Having 14 wins and 13 losses and an E.R.A of 3.65 as a team.

Both pitching and batting improved, where is the continued 12 game under 500 play attributed to? and the answer is fielding or in other words defense. The D-backs have allowed 68 double plays, 41 stolen bases against them, and 49 errors committed, for an overall 23rd ranking in the majors.

If the D-backs want to make up ground in the wins department it will have to start getting better defensive outings as a team, that will help them not loss games to teams that are statistically worse than they are like the Astros.




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