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Arizona Diamondbacks Have Difficult Decisions Before the Trade Deadline

May 29th, 2014 at 11:24 PM
By Earl Burnett

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After bringing in the new Chief of Baseball operations Tony La Russa last week, the Diamondbacks leave a scrambled mess on the table for La Russa to have to sort through to improve the team this year and going forward. The question will be now, how will he do it, and what assets do the team have to warrant them a chance at a good starting pitcher at the trade deadline later this season.


Arizona currently is a team with many needs but not enough valuable assets to play in the market for anyone that will actually come in and help them.The question will be who do they trade and for whom? The teams most valuable piece in third baseman Paul Goldschmidt is way to valuable for the D-backs to even think about moving.


Chris Owings is another valuable piece that can attract buyers, but like Goldschmidt it will hurt more than help. The D-backs desperately needed starting pitching early this year but since then have gotten some decent work out of the current bunch that struggled at the start of the year.


The starting pitching ERA has gone down tremendously over the last month or so from a team whopping 10.90 to now as low as 3.34 at times, that is a major turn around. So do the team go and still get a starter and if so who will they give up to get him.


When it comes to future prospects, well the D-backs are fresh out after dealing away all of their top pitching prospect within the last two seasons.


What ever happens La Russa has his hands full and will have to really be proactive to piece the puzzle together and get this team on a serious run to get to 500 by the all-star break. 

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