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Arizona Diamondbacks Face the Bully Los Angeles Dodgers This Weekend at Chase Field

May 16th, 2014 at 3:30 PM
By Earl Burnett

'Dodgers and D'Backs' photo (c) 2009, Josh Friedman - license:


The Arizona Diamondbacks are set to begin a three game series with the hated Los Angeles Dodgers, and many media and fans want to see a different outcome in this match-up this weekend. 


The Dodgers have beaten up on the D-backs seven out of the last eight meetings this season alone, including a record of 4-14 counting the last two seasons.


There are many organizations and charities around the globe that help with the preventing of bullying, but the D-backs have yet to call for help because they have been bullied by the Dodgers sense the brawl last year.


Here is an illustration of this rivalry, after the brawl the Dodgers took on the role of bully by coming into Chase field and totally man handled the D-backs in every aspect of the game without resistance. It was as if the D-backs were the little nerd at school shivering in his shoes when ever the big bully comes down the halls.


So, how do u stop a bully? the old saying goes "stand up to a bully and punch him in the mouth" it only takes one time to bring things to a level of respectability. 


The Diamondbacks need to punch back and play this series with an attitude of "were not gonna take it anymore" and just that attitude win or lose will make the bully think twice before they pee in your pool. Oh and by the way, fighting back may mean a few dings to head of some perennial players.

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