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Arizona Diamondbacks Have Two Positions not Showing Production Improvement

May 11th, 2014 at 11:34 PM
By Earl Burnett

'Eric Chavez on the big scoreboard at Yankee Stadium' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:


Here are two key elements that will attribute to the Arizona Diamondbacks lack of production defensively and in batting.


When the teams struggles gets broken down , it is clear that the number one thing was starting pitching along with lead off hitting, but now there are two positions struggling in two separate elements of the game at the same time.


The positions that are having on going inconsistent play are third base and left field, to which Eric Chavez (3rd base) and Alfredo Marte (left field) are the two culprits in batting slumps and having defensive inefficiency.


Marte may have a bit of an excuse seeing he has just come in to fill a spot that was already struggling, but has not been able to improve the position since arriving a few week ago, nevertheless a very important defensive position continues to lack production.


Marte has also struggled at bat, having batted in only three games, but only able to generate three hits on 11 at bats,one run, and struck out five times, with a batting percentage of .276.


Eric Chavez has even more struggles going on, as he has played in 23 games attempted 43 at bats, with a very low 12 hits and only four RBI.


Chavez is really going through a slump as his batting average is .279 with 13 strike outs, and only one home run. 


The D-backs are feeling the effects of two important positions having a lack of production and the shuffling of the line-up will have to continue to get those two positions a little stronger.


During the course of this disappointing season thus far, there is plenty of blame to go around in many departments, but we can see the other positions are showing some improvement (even the starting pitching) but the lack of production at those two positions are going to make a consistent winning streak nearly impossible.

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