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Arizona Diamondbacks are Having Problems Winning at Home in Chase Field

May 4th, 2014 at 10:06 AM
By Earl Burnett


'Chase Field' photo (c) 2008, Nick Bastian - license:

In regard to the Arizona Diamondbacks home record woes, it just may be wise to ask the league office if they can play the remainder of their games on the road in order to get back in the running for at least a 500 season.


The D-backs are now 11-22 on the year, and of those 11 wins only three are home wins and the rest of course on the road. The teams 8-7 road record may show what this team is really about, they can focus better on the road and also get better starting pitching outings as well.


Chase field has been a nightmare this season and the reason for that has been somewhat of a mystery, as the teams league low 3-15 home record proves they may be pressing a bit facing the Arizona faithful.


Or it may be that other teams just simply love the hitter's park that Chase field has come to be around the league, along with the starting pitching only getting two of those wins.


The last ten games the D-backs have a winning percentage well over .500 and that can be the formula to get them out of a slump this year , but the home winning percentage has to get to 500 or better as well to make a good run at a winning season.


It would seem like this task is doable seeing there is over 100 plus games left in a long season, but in the grand scheme of the whole picture the teams current .333 winning percentage may be their reality going forward.

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