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GM Kevin Towers to Blame for Arizona Diamondbacks Spiral Downward PT1

April 30th, 2014 at 7:08 PM
By Earl Burnett

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It is apparent that GM Kevin Towers is to blame for the Arizona Diamondbacks lack of talent on the field, and talk is surfacing again of he and manager Kirk Gibson being fired soon mid-season. First the talk was they were safe to make it through this season as Owner Derrick Hall said early last week. Now the end of April has come and the team has only won three games sense that declaration and sit at 8-22.


The  lack of talent is due to a series of questionable decisions by Towers, and after examining each one we find that the talent he traded away was far more valuable than what he got in return.


The Justin Upton trade yielded Martin Prado, who with the Atlanta Braves for seven years average OBP .345 and the two years in Arizona it has been .327, Prado just has not brought that same level of consistency to the D-backs.


Justin Upton on the other hand has a .406 OBP this season and for the two years he has been in Atlanta his OBP average is .361, out doing his trade counterpart in consistency by far and one is left wondering was that trade a bad move. Looking back on that trade , Atlanta got far more value with Upton than the D-backs have with Prado.


Starting pitcher Ian Kennedy struggled a bit last year coming down the stretch run for the D-backs and Towers panicked from the fans and local media out cry and traded Kennedy back to the Padres for Joe Thatcher.


Ever sense that trade Kennedy(2-3) has had good outings as a starter for the Padres with an ERA of 3.16 thru six starts, as for Thatcher as a relief pitching is not bad by the numbers, he currently has an ERA of 2.53 and a WHIP of 1.41 but no saves.  

When comparing the two players in that trade Kennedy is by far greater value. Story to be continued…….



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