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Where Will the Arizona Diamondbacks Finish in the Western Division

April 26th, 2014 at 10:00 PM
By Earl Burnett

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Arizona Diamondbacks are sitting dead last in the western division standings and also last in the major leagues, but a turn around could very well be in the numbers for the D-backs.


History shows that teams that have fast starts usually go through a rough patch in a full 162 game season, and in the D-backs case starting off slow could be that patch having come way sooner than usual.


The Diamondbacks are showing some signs of at least playing to compete and put up a fight in games, it was refreshing to hear players taking the blame for the early woes and backing up their skipper Kirk Gibson and even Kevin Towers. 


"we can't blame them, we as players need to play better and we didn't do it" said catcher Miguel Montero after an expressive come from behind win that may have inspired the team to get out of a funk.


The Diamondbacks have won three out of four games and that is a way better winning percentage than the .294 they were putting up the first 23 games.


Major league Baseball is a long grind and now the D-backs do not have any room for a mid-season slump because they have used up that time with this years start.


The starting pitching is getting better and although they might not get up to playoff status, but if they can get on a series winning streak and then maintain above 500 winning percentage the rest of the way they could at least get another 81-81 season or better.

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