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Former Arizona Diamondbacks Outfielder Adam Eaton “Surprised” by Allegations of Selfishness

January 1st, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Abner Walker

Shortly after outfielder Adam Eaton was sent to the Chicago White Sox as part of a three-team trade in early December, an anonymous Arizona Diamondbacks player told Arizona Sports 620 that trading Eaton was "addition by subtraction." This player went on to call Eaton "selfish" and said he routinely "irked players" in the clubhouse.

Needless to say, Eaton was taken aback by these allegations, saying it was his understanding that most relationships with Diamondbacks players and personnel were solid.

“I haven’t heard anything about any of it,” Eaton said. “I didn’t have any indication. I felt like I left on pretty good terms. I felt like I had a pretty good relationship with most of the guys and the PR department and a lot of the front office people. After the trade they called me and kind of wished me good luck.”

Eaton admits to having an attitude on the field, but claims he never brought it back to the dugout, And if he bothered/offended anyone? Well, he's certainly apologetic.

“If I did anything to offend anybody, I sincerely apologize,” Eaton said. “I don’t want that to be the lasting impression that I leave. I want the impression to be that I played hard and the team went a different direction and that’s the reason for it. I don’t like that that has been spread. I want to try and squash that. I don’t like that idea of me out there.”

Whatever the reality of the situation may be, perhaps a fresh start was necessary for Eaton anyway. Once thought of as an untouchable prospect and starting center fielder for the next decade, Eaton struggled through an elbow injury that ultimately paved the way for A.J. Pollock.

Photo credit: Not That Bob James / / CC BY-ND

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