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Arizona Diamondbacks Lose Arroyo to the 15 Day DL

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The Arizona Diamondbacks place Bronson arroyo on the 15 day DL.

Arizona Diamondbacks Need to Get Dodgers Batters Under Control

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The Arizona Diamondbacks face Dan Haren on Saturday night in Los Angeles,and need to get a good performance from starter Josh Collmenter.

Arizona Diamondbacks Reason for Under 500 Struggles

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The Arizona Diamondbacks has struggled to get above 500, and the reason for that is the teams defense.

Arizona Diamondbacks not Getting Much Trade Talk Around the League

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have not been mentioned in many trades before the deadline, a few options were rumored involving a big contract.

Arizona Diamondbacks Have No Representatives in This Years All-Star Game

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The Arizona Diamondbacks third basemen paul Goldschmidt is currently on the ballet for the home-run derby in the all-star game this season.

Arizona Diamondbacks Have Difficult Decisions Before the Trade Deadline

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have their work vut out for them before the trade deadline, as to whom they will trade and whom will they get in return.

Arizona Diamondbacks Chief of Baseball Operations Tony La Russa Shows His Passion to the Valley

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The D-backs have a great leader in the front office causing the team to respond on the field.

Arizona Diamondbacks Game Against the Mets Has Been Postponed Until Sunday Morning

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The Arizona Diamondbacks game verses the New York Mets was postponed on Friday night due to a very bad storm.

Arizona Diamondbacks Get Swept by the Cardinals in Three Games

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The Diamondbacks are unable to salvage the series verses the cardinals and get swept.

Arizona Diamondbacks Prospect Jon Griffin Hits Home Runs in Exciting Fashion

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The Arizona Diamondbacks minor league player Jon Griffin has a great week at hitting the ball, hitting five home runs in five at bats.