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Arizona Cardinals Sent Numerous Plays to NFL Office After Eagles Loss

December 4th, 2013 at 5:12 AM
By Steve Smith

Frustration is starting to set in for the Arizona Cardinals.

The Red Birds sent the NFL office in New York numerous plays following their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday to show "obvious problems" with the officiating, Arizona head coach Bruce Arians said via

The Red Birds followed the correct protocol when it sent the plays to the league's main office, Arians stated, and it didn't take long for the NFL to respond.

However, despite their promptness, Arians wasn't satisfied with the league's answers. At all.

"I just get madder,"Arians said. "That's pretty high. I think that's considered a problem."

No doubt. To recap, among the 15 plays are a holding penalty on safety Tyrann Mathieu in the fourth quarter which negated an interception by Patrick Peterson with four minutes left and a holding penalty on linebacker Matt Shaughnessy. On that play, with 1:42 remaining, Shaughnessy was caught holding tight end James Casey before sacking Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles.

The sack, which came on third down, would have forced the Eagles to most likely kick a field goal and give the ball back to Arizona up just six points. Elsewhere, Daryl Washington received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after complaining to the officials about Shaughnessy's penalty.

Arizona was called for six penalties for 55 yards while the Eagles had five penalties for 48 yards so that was pretty balanced overall. It was some of the ones that weren't called that was the issue.

The Cardinals have to move and regain their focus and prepare for a huge divisional game this Sunday in Glendale against the St. Louis Rams.

What's done is done. You can't change anything now. There are just four games remaining to make the playoffs for the Red Birds.

Every game is a must win.








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