Thursday, August 17, 2017

Writer Application

Who should apply?
Whether you're a current or former writer, aspiring journalist or impassioned fan with a journalistic spirit, Sports Media 101 could be the right place for you. If covering your favorite sports team sounds like something you may be interested in please apply here.

Should I apply?
You know you best. Please only apply if you are serious about being part of the Sports Media 101. Be sure to submit a high quality, edited writing sample. You can only apply every 45 days, so don't waste your application.

What happens if my application is accepted?
We accept a small number of applicants. If your application is accepted, we will offer you an agreement for one of your desired teams. We try to honor offering you your most desired team first, but that is not always the case. Please don't list a team unless you would be happy following and writing about them. Once we offer you an agreement you will have 7 days to complete the agreement process. As we only offer each team on a limited basis, we can only extend the offer for that short time period before we offer your slot to someone else so be prepared to complete the process before you apply. To be prepared, be sure to read the entire FAQ so most of your questions are answered before you apply. Once we offer you an agreement,if you do not complete the process within 7 days you will have to wait 6 months to reapply. Should your application be rejected, you may re-apply after 45 days.

Read the FAQs
We strongly recommend you review the FAQs here before you apply. As noted above once you apply the process moves quickly so it is best for everyone if you understand how everything works before you start the process. Read the FAQ here.