Thursday, September 29, 2016


"We obsess over your team like it's our job,
because you already have one."

Founded in 2011 but growing since 2004, Sports Media 101 was created by award-winning journalists with experience you can't shake a stick at. Its sole purpose is to provide you, the readers (fans), with as much information as you can possibly handle on a day-to-day basis.


Sports Media 101 is a news media organization. We employ hundreds of writers to each cover one team or one sport obsessively. Because we believe you as a fan should be able to get in-depth and comprehensive news coverage about your team without distractions, each beat is given its own section, which we make available through and a seperate dedicated URL. Dedicated writers, one editor, one team and one sport for each section. Each section, while individual in attitude, is designed to be almost identical in look and feel so you can follow all your favorite teams seamlessly. This model allows you as the fan the flexibilty to get all your sports news how you want it. And to make it even easier our sections dedicated URLs almost always follow the same pattern. Check out our coverage map, click on a couple of team section's Direct Dials and you'll catch on really quick.


We really do obsess over your team like it's our job. Well, because it is our job, and you already do have one. At Sports Media 101 we are passionate about making sure we are obsessed. Each site covers all (and when we say all, we mean all) the news relating to a team or sport and compiles it under one roof. Even if something doesn't appear here first, it will eventually find its way and will be accompanied with more information than any other source. Think of it like this: We work our sources, scour other media, follow on Twitter like we invented Follow Fridays, and shake the trees until everything falls out in one place...just for you. And we do this because as journalists who are also fans, we know that feeling you get when you don't know: who might be traded, who is a free agent, how quickly your least favorite player is recovering or whether you may get your "backside" (weak, we know but...) handed to you tomorrow. We know you refer to your team as though you're part of it and so are we.

A little more...

Sports Media 101 is expanding rapidly. We are always looking forward and finding new ways to get you more information faster. We aim to make our shared obsession more convenient for you. From our live draft coverage to our micro-coverage on Twitter and Facebook, and our Quick Hits on our team sections, we are always finding more ways to bring you news the instant it happens. Our unique services and features, which grow weekly, already include daily headlines, a URL shortener (, the "Hot Sheet" - your custom compilation of daily headlines, a Headline Search, Single Sign-In - a single click sign in system, In The Box - sport news and clips you can watch and Big Plays - the 10 best plays of the week and the inevitable "whoopsie."

I have an idea...

We already know you think like us about sports, so lay it on us and we will see what we can do. If it's about sports, news, and the internet let us know here.

If you are trying to contact us for anything else check here.

Happy Obsessing!