Sunday, August 20, 2017


"We obsess over your team like it's our job,
because you already have one."

How We Got Started

In September of 2004, Dan Benton an aspiring journalist, decided to turn his passion for the New York Giants into something more, creating Giants 101 as part of the Most Valuable Network. The website instantly became a hit engaging many Big Blue fans.

In 2011, with the landscape of the industry changing, Benton teamed with technology company owner, Pieter Van Iperen, to help expand upon the success of this endeavor and implement new never before seen technologies. Together, the duo created Sports Media 101, Inc.

Who We Are

Sports Media 101 provides obsessive sports news coverage delivering quality content by professionally trained journalists from around the world. The article content is compiled from a constant stream of sports news coverage in a centralized location. This platform is an interactive space to enhance originality, customization and digital marketing offerings whereby users and partners experience a truly integrated digital media partnership through their own dedicated media arm. We’ve taken the added initiative of helping to mold the technological landscape within the industry by implementing one-of-a-kind journalistic developmental tools.

A little more...

Sports Media 101 is expanding rapidly. We are always looking forward and finding new ways to get you more information faster. We aim to make our shared obsession more convenient for you. From our live draft coverage to our micro-coverage on Twitter and Facebook to our Quick Hits on our team sections, we are always finding more ways to bring you news the instant it happens. Our unique services and features, which grow weekly, include delivery of daily sports news throughout our network directly to your email with sign-up for "The Daily", the "Hot Sheet" - your custom compilation of daily news from your favorite teams filtered to you in the exact way you want it, a Headline Search, and a single click sign in system with Single Sign In.

I have an idea...

We already know you think like us about sports, so lay it on us and we will see what we can do. If it's about sports, news, and the internet let us know here.

If you are trying to contact us for anything else check here.

Happy Obsessing!